The DOSZ Ambassador System has started

The Ambassador System of DOSZ (the Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates) was established in 2021 with 16 ambassadors from different countries all over the world.

The aim of the Ambassador System is to set up an international environment for young scientists in Hungary, and to internationalise PhD education within the country by crossing boundaries, we would like to facilitate international scientific connections, involving foreign PhD candidates currently doing their researches in one of the Hungarian Higher Education Institutions. We believe that only an internationally active PhD community can be competitive and sustainable.

We would like to support the international PhD candidates in Hungary, to build their own communities, receive useful information in connection with their doctoral studies and their residence in Hungary. The International Working Group of DOSZ also supports the system.

For further information about the system you can contact the leader of the International Working Group, Norbert Bencze:

Our ambassadors for year 2021/2022:

Mahmood Al Rahami
University of Szeged | Environmental Science

My goal is to build a strong network between youth in Hungary and Jordan. I lived here in Hungary for the past 4 years conducting my research in Szeged. I love to work-out and watch football and tennis.

Mohammad Alipour
University of Szeged | Law

I am PhD candidate in International Law at University of Szeged and my research area is United Nations Security Council. I would like to be a part of DOSZ association in order to represent my country’s PhDs community. The academic atmosphere is going toward solidarity and integration, and PhD students have undeniable role in realization of that. In this regard, DOSZ provides excellent opportunities for scientific and cultural cooperation between Iranian students and Hungarian academicians to build up prosperous and flourish future.

Diego Andrade
University of Pécs | Health Sciences

I have a connection with Hungary since my internship during my bachelor's degree and now pursuing my PhD in health sciences and also as a DOSZ ambassador. My goal is to build a network linked to my motivation, which is to contribute with my research to civil and scientific society. I am interested in traveling, getting to know the world and its diverse cultures. Besides thats, I like hiking, cooking and eating different dishes, and meeting new people.

Daniel Ayisi Nyarko
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences | Regional Economics

My goal is to create a link that will connect researchers, students, academia, and businesses in Ghana with Hungarian researchers, students, institutions and businesses for collaboration, knowledge sharing and exchange programmes that will promote personal growth and institutional development. I am highly motivated by the opportunity created by DOSZ to get internationals involved in its association; also the increasing number of postgraduate students from Ghana in Hungary is a motivation to create a strong tie. I am a member of the Hungary  alumni network, and a member of Ghana Students Association of Hungary. I have a strong interest in farming, business and social reseach. I do photography as a hobby.

Amani Rawand Ben Brahim
Corvinus University of Budapest | International Relations and Security Studies

As a powerful advocate of social inclusion and human rights education, I have experience in advocacy, communication, translation, trainings, and leading educational reforms. I am committed to promote international scientific connections and create deeper links between her country and Hungary’s PhD communities and organizations, in the aim of creating more cooperation opportunities in research. I love travelling: I had visited 21 countries until now, and it might be more by the time you, reader of these lines, are reading this!

Daria Borodina
Eötvös Loránd University | Psychology

My goal is to facilitate connection between Russian and Hungarian PhD students for their personal and professional development, promote cooperation and knowledge exchange between two countries. The main motivation for me is to show that it is possible to belong not only to one country's scientific area, that there is always the opportunity for integration. I am interested in psychology, marketing, research, and education.

Muhammad Rahim Ejaz
University of Pécs | Business Administration

Since I moved here to Hungary, I have Hungarian friends, and I have learnt many things about Hungarian people, culture and the society, and that connection is getting strong everyday. I connect with others like PhD candidatess and I try to collaborate in my scietific research. My goal is to teach in a university; and my motivatioon is that I love to bring a postive change in other people lives through my teaching. My hobbies are music, movies, book reading, hiking and performing arts.

Gantsetseg Garmaa
Semmelweis University | Theoretical and Translational Medicine

My goal as an ambassador is to build scientific bridges between Mongolian and Hungarian scientists, represent nomadic culture in cultural events, build a personal and team development environment, open the career development opportunity for doctoral students and organize an internship program and conference between Mongolian and Hungarian researchers. For me, the motivation is being part of a scientific society, and exploring different cultures, different groups of people, just meeting more people outside of that sort of little bubble that I am in.  And that’s what led to applying to a doctoral program in Hungary. I also enjoy and get energized with mother nature, doing sort of social work such as managing an online portals for Mongolian patients and exercising with Yoga.

Esmeralda Kädena
Óbuda University | Safety and Security Sciences

I have been in Hungary for 5 years. I started as an Erasmus+ student in Master, and I got motivated to come back for PhD studies. I am motivated to investigate the possibilities and draw a connection between my efforts and academia. I would like to build trusted connections and focus on my works. I love reading, writing, taking part in social and outdoor activites, cooking, travelling.

Rima Mammadova
University of Pécs | Business Administration

One of my goals is to represent my home country, Azerbaijan and support current and future PhD candidates from my country as well as the students from all over the world.  Also, I like to share my knowledge and experience with other people and by doing this I motivate myself to work harder and improve myself in order to become the best version of myself.

Upal Aditya Oikya
University of Pécs | Law

I'm doing research on the aplicability of the Rome Statute in the national criminal jurisdiction through the complementarity principle. I got motivated to work on this field while I was serving the International Crimes Tribunal, Bangladesh. In 2019, I recieved the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship to pursue my PhD here in Hungary. After coming here, I got engaged with DOSZ and Freedom Club (a young wing of Amnesty International). I'm an inclusive and personable person who liked all most everything, especially yoga and meditation, cultural events, hiking, and travelling.

Husam Rajab
Budapest University of Technology and Economics | Computer Engineering

Albert Einstein once said, 'the only source of knowledge is experience.' Together, the platform and student ambassadors provide an outlet for an institution’s authentic voice, a deeper insight into the market’s motivations and foster a sense of belonging — even before applying. My goals is to build trust, foster relationships and provide leadership opportunities for exceptional students. I think sharing our experiences and providing positive role models are very important. I have been working with lots of different areas (vice president at Palestinian Student Union, mentor teacher at ELTE, associated researcher at HSN Lab, BME), which gives a possibility to connect people. I like football, hiking, swimming, volley ball, ping pong, travelling and also cooking.

Phet Sengpunya
University of Pécs | Law

Sabaidee (Hello)! As one of DOSZ Ambassador, I am very passionate to bridge PhD candidates from my country as well as ASEAN countries with Hungarian PhD or research communities. In addition, I am friendly and love meeting new people from around the world. I love music and hiking. I think the research life in Hungary is just incredible and opens lots of possibilities for me.

Belayneh Taye
University of Szeged | Philosophy and Religious Studies

During my stay in Hungary, I have built connections with PhD communities and participated in conferences organized by DOSZ. In addition, to bring together students from Africa and the African diaspora living in Hungary, we have found African Diaspora Union, and I am building a close connection with people of African origin living in Hungary. I like travelling, reading, meeting new friends, and listening to their life stories in my personal life.

Khin Khin Thant Sin
Eötvös Loránd University | Teacher Education and Higher Education Studies

I would like to share my experiences and knowledge and build a learning organization with other members: not only sharing of my experiences and knowledge, I also would like to learn from ambassadors who have different academic backgrounds and experiences. I am one of the PhD camdidatess, respresenting my country and my educational society and community. I love reading books, watching philosophical and inspiring movies and trying challenging tasks and new experiences.

Raghawendra Pratap Singh Sisodia
University of Miskolc | Mechanical Engineering

My prime inspiration is to popularise quality research in Science and Humanities among the students of different regions by sharing experiences and knowledge. My foremost goal is to serve the country and the students through cross-cultural exchange and to promote the scientific achievements of Hungarian institutions and universities among the researchers of my home country which will strengthen the scientific bridges, international fellow connections and integrate the intellectuals on a common platform. I did my MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma in IWE/EWE and PhD from Hungary. I like photography, playing cricket, badminton, reading books, and watching movies.