DOSZ Ambassadors 2024/2025

The Ambassador System of DOSZ (the Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates) was established in 2021 with 16 ambassadors from different countries all over the world. For the academic year 2024/2025 the number of the DOSZ Ambassadors increased to 41 – in this way 41 countries are represented in our system.

The aim of the Ambassador System is to set up an international environment for young scientists in Hungary, and to internationalise PhD education within the country by crossing boundaries, we would like to facilitate international scientific connections, involving foreign PhD candidates currently doing their researches in one of the Hungarian higher education enstitutions. We believe that only an internationally active PhD community can be competitive and sustainable.

We would like to support the international PhD candidates in Hungary, to build their own communities, receive useful information in connection with their doctoral studies and their residence in Hungary.

For further information about the system you can contact Norbert Bencze, presidential commissioner responsible for the Ambassador System ( or Rawand Ben Brahim, chair of the International Commiittee (

Contact our Ambassadors for connecting to the national communities and for further information.

Our ambassadors for the academic year 2024/2025:

Dejsi Qorri


Dejsi Qorri occupies a pivotal position bridging the realms of society and academia. Her objective revolves around facilitating exchanges that not only enrich academia but also facilitate collaboration between esteemed institutions and universities in Hungary and young Albanian researchers. Through these exchanges, heraim is to perpetuate the scientific collaboration between researchers from Hungary and Albania. By fostering such connections, a network of international relationships can be established, cultivating an innovative platform where intellectuals from various backgrounds can unite, collaborate, and advance the boundaries of science and knowledge.


Ammar Allem


His goals are to represent his home country and assist current and prospective PhD students and researchers from his country, as well as international students. In addition, he shares his knowledge and experience with others and motivates them to contribute to the improvement of the community. He is committed to working towards fostering a strong relationship between Hungary and Algeria and enhancing academic exchange programmes between the two countries.


Frederico Epalanga Albano Israel


 Frederico E. A. Israel from Angola is currently living in Hungary. He is a 3rd year PhD candidate at the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health & Epidemiology, Doctoral School of Health Sciences. In the DOSZ community, his main goal to strengthen the cooperation between Angola and Hungary.


Farid Mammadli


Farid Mammadli is from Azerbaijan. He is a second-year PhD student at Széchenyi István University, Győr. In his research, he focuses on examining the impact of digitalization on the financial performance of multinational corporations (MNCs). Farid is passionate about exploring how technological advancements influence the global business landscape. He believes in the power of international collaboration and finds working within diverse academic communities incredibly enriching. In the coming year, Farid aims to engage with fellow PhD students, representing Azerbaijani scholars and organizing academic events to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers.


Saurav Chandra Talukder


Saurav Chandra Talukder is an assistant professor at Jashore University of Science and Technology in Bangladesh. He graduated from the University of Rajshahi in Bangladesh and is now pursuing a PhD at the Doctoral School of Economic and Regional Sciences at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Science. He is mostly interested in researching entrepreneurship and innovation. He believes himself to be a proactive, honest, responsible, and committed individual who works well in teams and is adaptive to a variety of work settings. Throughout his personal efforts, he has always attempted to assist others in improving their skills, abilities, and adaptation to new environments.

Adrian Estrela Pereira


Adrian Estrela Pereira is a Brazilian arranger, composer, pianist and music producer with a Bachelor's degree in Composition and Arrangement for Popular Music from the Federal University of Bahia and a master's degree in music education from the same university. Currently, Adrian investigates Power Relations in Curricula of Higher Education Music Courses as a PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University.


Yue Wu


Wu Yue, from China. She is the fourth-year PhD candidate at Doctoral School on Safety and Security Science, Obuda University, Budapest. Her research topic is about sustainable food security. She will be the representative of Chinese PhD students in DOSZ Ambassador Program for the next year. She believes she will do her best to bridge the communities and make better communication to improve together.


Felipe Cristancho


Felipe Cristancho from Colombia is a PhD student in Law and Political Science at the University of Miskolc. He is pursuing a PhD degree because he would like to contribute to his country with one of his biggest passions: legal education. For him, being a DOSZ Ambassador means creating bridges between students in his country and PhD students in Hungary to strengthen the bonds of both countries.

Maria Lourdes Ordonez Olivo


Maria Lourdes Ordonez Olivo is an Ecuadorian professional graduated in Agricultural Engineering in Ecuador. She is currently at her third year of my PhD studies in Economics and Regional Planning at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Regarding her personal qualities, she considers herself a proactive, honest, responsible, extremely persistent person with all the willingness to work in teams, listen to and respect others’ opinions, and adaptable to diverse working environments. She had the great opportunity of been the Ecuadorian Ambassador the previous year and  where the networking among PhD students was an amazing experience for her.

Moataz Abdelrahman


Moataz Abdelrahman is a skilled geophysicist with expertise in machine learning, data science, geophysical inversion, carbon capture and storage, and reservoir characterization. He has conducted numerous workshops and speaking engagements, with over 10 speaking engagements from 2016-2024. Moataz excels at mathematical optimization, programming with MATLAB and Python, problem-solving, critical thinking, and leading innovative teams. An active member of professional societies like EAGE, AAPG and SEG, he has published extensively on applying machine learning techniques to geophysical challenges. Moataz's background allows him to merge technology efficiently for characterizing subsurface datasets. He is recognized for developing novel machine learning algorithms for applications in exploration. Moataz has volunteered for community service and received awards like the Second Prize at the EIT RawMaterials Start-up Idea Competition in 2023.

Tsegay Bereket Menghis


Tsegay Bereket is an academic staff member in the Department of Agricultural Engineering at Mai-Nefhi College of Engineering, Eritrea. He worked as a lecturer and department head for more than 10 years. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD studies here in Hungary at the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Earth, Environmental Science, and Engineering Institute of Geography and Geoinformatics. His research topic is about land use and land cover changes and their impact on land degradation.

Walelign Sewunetie


Walelign Tewabe Sewunetie is from Ethiopia. He is a final year PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Miskolc, Hungary. His research focuses on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Alongside his studies, he has won two international grants and has been leading and participating in different professional associations. He emphasizes that strong partnerships and collaboration with international communities are essential for everyone. In the coming year, he aims to represent Hungarian PhD candidates and organize national events for them.

Ayaz Mukarram Shaikh


Ayaz Mukarram Shaikh is in the final year of his doctoral research at the Doctoral School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Debrecen. His area of ​​research is Food Product Innovation using Honeybees and Medicinal plants, where he developed the green walnut bee product which reduces blood sugar levels in humans. He strongly believes that networking plays a pivotal role in research and development, and he thinks community building with an international audience is very important. In the coming year, he is very interested in building a highly competitive research environment for Indian PhD candidates and organizing webinars, workshops for them.

Rizvika Rahmita Salim


Rizvika Rahmita Salim, from the Republic of Indonesia, is a PhD Candidate at the University of Szeged. At the Doctoral School of Education she is working on implementing Global Citizenship Education in Foreign Language Courses. She believes that collaborations and networking between individuals, communities, and nations can result in fruitful outcomes for each individual or entity’s development. In the upcoming year she would like to represent the PhD Candidates from Indonesia, create a supportive environment for Indonesian and other international students, and build collaborations between academicians in Indonesia and Hungary.

Mahrokh Shafiei


Mahrokh, an Iranian doctoral candidate at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, specializes in water resources engineering with a focus on soil moisture modeling. As a DOSZ Ambassador, her primary motivation is to represent her country and contribute to fostering international collaboration in her field. With a passion for addressing water challenges through innovative research, Mahrokh aims to leverage her expertise to advance sustainable solutions and promote knowledge exchange among scholars worldwide.

Ahmed Alyousify


Ahmed Alyousify, from Kurdistan-Iraq, is a first-year PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of Informatics, at the University of Debrecen. His Focus is on creating virtual reality experiences that helps humanity. As a DOSZ Ambassador, he is driven to foster a vibrant connection between the Iraqi, Hungarian and International communities. He tries to empower prospective Iraqi PhD students to pursue their educational dreams in Hungary. Ahmed's passion lies in being a voice for Iraqi PhD students in Hungary. He envisions organizing events that celebrate the richness of Iraqi culture and creating platforms where they can openly discuss their experiences.

Danara Smail


Danara Smail is the founder and Chairwoman of the Public Association "Kazakhstan Association of Students, Doctoral Students and Alumni of Hungarian Universities," a PhD student at the University of Pécs, and conducts research in European Law. Danara is raising a 10-year-old son and is actively involved in Kazakhstan's social and political life. Now, in her new status as DOSZ Ambassador, she will direct all her potential to support Kazakhstani PhD students in Hungary, building partnerships between the Universities and the scientific community of the two countries. Danara would be grateful for your proposals for cooperation and collaboration to achieve the goals of DOSZ Ambassador.

Sebastian Odunga


Sebastian Odunga, a dedicated professional, has been reappointed as the DOSZ Ambassador for Kenya for a second term. With a background in project management and a passion for fostering international scientific relations, Sebastian is committed to promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange among doctoral candidates in Hungary. His experience in leadership and advocacy positions him as a valuable asset in building global communities and supporting research excellence. Sebastian's unwavering dedication to advancing scientific endeavors and strengthening ties between Kenya and Hungary makes him a trusted ambassador for promoting innovation and academic excellence.

Njomza Gashi


Njomza Gashi is from Kosovo. She is a first-year PhD student at the University of Debrecen, studying in the Doctoral School of Nutrition and Food Sciences with a focus on crop studies and medical food production. Her main goal as an ambassador is to ensure a dignified representation and a maximum contribution to the integration of Kosovar students into the Hungarian academic environment. She believes that through the building of cooperation bridges between the academic communities of Kosovo and Hungary, the exchange of knowledge and the creation of new opportunities for the development of a joint higher education can be achieved.

Nadine Al Amine


Nadine Al Amine, is a first year PhD student from Lebanon at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University. Her research focuses on green and sustainable consumption in society during crises, reflecting her commitment to addressing pressing global issues. With a background in social work and community development, Nadine is passionate about fostering connections and supporting doctoral students. Her leadership experience, both in Lebanon and Hungary, equips her to advocate for the needs of doctoral candidates. She also brings practical experience to her role, working in a public advisory company for international development. This experience has shaped her perspective and enriched her personality, further enhancing her ability to engage with diverse communities.

Nur Syasya Qistina Mazeree


Syasya Qistina was born and raised in Malaysia. She is a first-year doctoral student in the English Applied Linguistics programme at the University of Szeged (SZTE). She aspires to devote herself to studying language attitudes towards Malaysian English and other sociolinguistic-related topics. She is now expanding her academic network on a worldwide scale to gain insights about other cultures through languages. She considers DOSZ as an ideal platform for accessing various academic opportunities and aims to absorb its valuable principles.

Bourema Diarra


Bourema Diarra, PhD candidate at ELTE, Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences. He completed his MSc in Ecology and Nature Protection from Perm State National University (Russian Federation). He is also an Intern at the United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC). His PhD research topic is about understanding ‘’the Contribution of the Use of Fuelwood to Land Degradation across the provinces of Sikasso and Koulikoro (Mali)’’. As a DOSZ Ambassador, Bourema aims to represent his home country and assist current and prospective doctoral students from his home country as well as international students.

Luis Omar Calva


Omar Calva is from the Sonoran Desert, Mexico. He is a third-year PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. In the Doctoral School of Biology program, he studies potential new species of subterranean habitats (caves) in Hungary and Slovakia. As DOSZ Ambassador, he wants to develop academic skills and build a healthy life for International and Hungarian PhD students and candidates. In the upcoming year, he would like to organize several events between both countries, prioritizing activities that benefit their mental health and showing Mexico's traditions and culture.

Mihaela Ctitor


Mihaela Ctitor is a second-year PhD student at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Gödöllő. Enrolled in the Economic and Regional Sciences Program, her research, titled “Human Capital and Job Satisfaction: a Micro and Macro-Level Approach, a Case Study for Moldova and Hungary,” focuses on developing a deeper understanding of these themes. Convinced that strong intercultural connections are essential for shared growth and peace, Mihaela is dedicated to further enhancing the educational relationship between Moldova and Hungary as she begins her second term as the Ambassador of moldovan students.

Ayoub El Alaoui


El Alaoui Ayoub, from Morocco, is currently residing in Pécs with his wife. He is pursuing a PhD in Political science though his actual interest is cognitive sciences. He has been in Hungary, more specifically Pécs for the last 3 years and counting. He works as an operations manager on the side as well. All in all, I do enjoy taking new risks and chanllenges which is what paved the way for me to be where I am today!

Efaishe Tweuhanga Angaleni Kavela


Efaishe Kavela is from Namibia. She is a forth-year PhD Candidate at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, in Budapest; under the Doctoral school of Food Science. She is working on optimizing methods of extracting polyphenols from Aronia pomace, as well as finding the possible utilisation of Aronia pomace. She has so much enthusiasm of working with the international community, and standing in for her fellow Namibians. For the year 2024/2025, she will represent the Namibian PhD candidates; organize national and academic events for all PhD students in Hungary.

Esther Ijeoma Idogwu


Idogwu, Esther Ijeoma, is a first-year PhD student at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Biological Doctoral School. Her study focuses on understanding the molecular genetic base of potatoes and developing a selection tool. Recognising the value of community, particularly for international students, she is focused on fostering a supportive academic environment. Inspired by her predecessor, she hopes to bolster the research community among Nigerian PhD candidates and promote her rich culture.

Manal Hamarsha


Manal Hamarsha, originally from Palestine, and currently, on an adventure at her doctoral studies at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Her general research topic is about Fostering Technology in Higher Education. She is committed to fostering international collaboration, and she is eager to engage with fellow scholars and promote cross-cultural dialogue within the Doctoral Student Community. As a DOSZ Ambassador, her aims are to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking opportunities for doctoral students across diverse disciplines, also on a mission to make every doctoral journey brighter, and spreading the joy of learning together!

Eric Peralta


Eric Peralta, a lawyer hailing from Panama. His passion for understanding global dynamics led him to pursue a Master's degree in International Politics. Currently, he is embarking on a journey towards a PhD in International Relations in Corvinus University, driven by a desire to delve deeper into the complexities of our interconnected world. As a legal professional with a keen interest in international affairs, he strives to contribute meaningfully to the discourse surrounding diplomacy, law, and governance on a global scale.

Alexis Achacoso


Alexis Achacoso is from the Philippines. He is a first-year PhD student at the University of Debrecen. He worked as a teacher in his home country for almost for years. During his free time, he loves to bring together communities through social activities, especially through picnics and potlucks. His primary goal is to promote professional connections between Hungary and the Philippines.

Neo Sithole

South Africa

Neo Sithole, a South African, is PhD candidate in at the University of Szeged in the department of Law and Political Sciences, working on thesis that looks at populism and populist expression in Sub-Saharan Africa. He believes in cultivating relationships between doctoral students across universities and building the sense of self and belonging outside of academic endeavors.

Rushanthi Chandimala Uhanovitage

Sri Lanka

Rushanthi Chandimala is from Sri Lanka. She is a first-year PhD candidate at Széchenyi Istvan University, Győr. At the Wittmann Antal Crop, Animal and Food Science Multidisciplinary Doctoral School she is working on developing functional dairy products incorporating encapsulated polyphenols. As she says, coping with an international community from different backgrounds makes her stay in Hungary excited and inspired. In the next year, she would like to represent the Sri Lankan PhD candidates and organize national events for them.

Emad Hassan Elawad Yasin


Emad Hassan Elawad Yasin is a third-year PhD candidate at the University of Sopron. His research aims to understand and predict the potential impact of climate change on savanna ecosystems. He is passionate about global education advocacy and thrives in an international community setting. He views his work as a way to facilitate scientific knowledge exchange between Sudan and Hungary, supporting the objectives of the DOSZ to enhance these connections. As the DOSZ Ambassador for Sudan, he is committed to broadening national perspectives by promoting professional and academic cooperation with international doctoral students and transcending national boundaries.

Firas Shbeeb


Shbeeb Firas is originally from Syria. He is a third-year PhD candidate at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. In the English Linguistics Doctoral program, he is researching the phonetics and phonology of intonation and voice quality in Arabic and English. Being in an international community, he says, reflects a willingness to learn from and engage with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This can lead to new insights and perspectives and help foster a more inclusive and diverse academic community.

Khouloud Challouf


Khouloud Challouf, PhD student in Management and Organization Sciences at the University of Sopron. She feels honored to represent the Tunisian community in the organization. She has developed a strong passion for volunteering and community engagement, finding great fulfillment in supporting and assisting others. She is committed to ensuring that the voices of PhD students, especially those studying in the cities of Hungary, are heard. Additionally, she is dedicated to fostering connections, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among students from diverse backgrounds.

Gökće Can


Gökće Can is a first-year PhD student at Semmelweis University, specializing in physiotherapy with a focus on pelvic pain research. She firmly believes nurturing our social connections and actively networking are essential components for academic growth. Through her involvement with DOSZ, she aspires to foster academic advancement and connections across diverse cultural and occupational boundaries.

Oleksandr Reient


His name is Oleksandr Reient, a PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University. He majors in English Applied Linguistics. The topic of his research is "The relationship between computer-assisted language learning and second language learning motivation". It is his second year as an ambassador. He always strives to improve himself and help others when they need assistance. His intention of continuing being an ambassador stems from the desire to establish efficient communication among Ukrainian PhD students, organize events designed for a variety of reasons. He hopes to encourage more Ukrainians to do their PhD in Hungary.

Khilola Uralova


Khilola Uralova is from Uzbekistan. She is a first-year PhD candidate at ELTE, Budapest. At the Doctoral School of Linguistics, she is analyzing dyadic interactions to understand the advice-giving practices of people. She thinks that creating a community vibe and sense of belonging is very important. So that, it is her first and foremost purpose to be DOSZ Ambassador of Uzbekistan. In the upcoming year, she will represent the Uzbekistan PhD candidates and organize various events.

Vu Duc Thinh Nguyen


Nguyen Vu Duc Thinh is from Vietnam. He is a first-year PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University, currently holding a position as an assistant research fellow at the Institute of Aquatic Ecology (HUN-REN Centre for Ecological Research). In the Environmental Science Doctoral Program, he focuses on examining long-term trends in the biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationship across multiple trophic levels in large rivers. Thinh strongly believes in the power of networking and collaboration to enhance doctoral candidates' abilities to overcome challenges in their studies, work, and daily lives. He aspires to represent Vietnamese doctoral candidates, foster a stronger Vietnamese doctoral community in Hungary, and support future doctoral applicants.