DOSZ Ambassador System: Toward a more inclusive cultural and scientific environment

During the last months, as part of DOSZ Ambassador System activities, four separate online meetings have been conducted by the ambassadors of four countries, Palestine, Azerbaijan, Ghana, and Brazil. Over sixty Ph.D. candidates in total attended the meetings.

These meetings consider an ideal opportunity to network with other Ph.D. candidates and a chance to make valuable contacts and interact with country peers. Also, these gatherings are a perfect getaway to create a cultural-scientific environment and a cornerstone to establishing an international community for early-stage and young researchers in Hungary.

During the meetings: the DOSZ ambassadors’ systems have been introduced to the attendees, highlighting the goals, main activities, and plans. The discussion floor was open to the participants. The discussion covered a range of topics such as the challenges, social events, and the available opportunities after finishing the Ph.D. Several participants followed the meeting by sending e-mails sharing more ideas, which gladly opened a perfect room to generate thoughts and gain fresh insights.

The meeting which aimed as well to build effective communications channels between different parties attended by several valuable guests as Dr. Fadi al El-Husseini, the ambassador of Palestine in Hungary, Mr. Daniel Hirtz, Head of the Science, Technology, and Innovation Sector at the Embassy of Brazil in Hungary, Dr. Nicholas Imbeah, the Head of Department at a University in Ghana. The speaker of the meeting were two DOSZ members, Norbert Bencze board member responsible for the Ambassador System, and Haneen Attaallaah, DOSZ Ambassador System communication manager.

These four meetings happen as the result of the effort by: Diego Andrade, Brazil, Daniel Ayisi Nyarko, Ghana, Rima Mammadova, Azerbaijan, and Hussam Rajab, Palestine.

Article by: Haneen Attaallah, DOSZ Ambassador System communication manager.